Mens Hair & Spa Services

Michauds casual urban environment provides a sense of belonging for men and women alike. Expect our highly trained staff to deliver hair services specifically designed just for men.

Men’s Services 

Design Cut

Michauds offers different levels of prices for mens hair services. The different levels reflect levels of experience, education and client demand. Prices reflect each stylists personal levels of achievement. Feel free to call us for a personal recommendation based on your needs.

Level 1 Hairstylist
Level 2 Hairstylist
Level 3 Hairstylist
Level 4 Hairstylist
Level 5 Hairstylist

Camouflage Hair Colour

Camo colour is a quick and subtle mens colour that will revitalize you. You’ll feel years younger.

from $36

Registered Massage Therapy

Feel great and revitalized with a deep muscle massage.

from $60 (30 min.)

Michauds Men Manicure

Your handshake is a sign of your personal signature. Feel confident that you will put your best hand forward with an expert manicure. Enjoy a hand and arm massage, exfoliating scrub, cuticle care and nail shaping.

from $36

Michauds Men Pedicure

You work your feet hard. Let us treat your feet to some well-deserved care. Includes a warm foot soak, leg and foot massage, (or reflexology massage), and complete toenail care.

from $59

Michauds Men Cleanse & Restore Facial

Ease the irritation from shaving and keep your skin healthy, balanced and revitalized. This custom facial includes deep cleaning, exfoliation, facial and neck massage, and hydration, toning treatment to restore the skin.

from $119 (60 min.)

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