Perms & Straightening Services

Michauds’ advanced experts use the best in Perm and straightening products. Below is a list of perm and straightening services that we offer.


Boost the volume of your hair, or equalize specific areas of inconsistent curl. Michauds artist’s design the perfect curl to meet your individual needs.

Perm Price
from $130 to $230+

Long Hair Perms

Hair that is longer than six inches requires a specialized wrapping process to ensure that the hair curls evenly from scalp to ends. Michauds uses a traditional or modified spiral wrap to ensure long lasting curl formation.

Long Hair Perm Price
Price determined upon consultation

Goldwell Keratin Services

Designed to help manage unruly, frizzy hair types. It helps to soften waves and smooth the overall hair structure, reducing daily styling time significantly

Goldwell Keratin Price
from $350

 Includes take home maintenance

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